Founded on a whim on December 10th, 2009, the Inland Packet & Navigation Company (IP&NCo., Inland Packet Line) was set up as a fictional website only company and a reason for 28 wannabe industrialist James Maxwell to take over his parents garages, make a mess, and hopefully end up with three boats for his personal use. The original name of the company was The Inland Marine Sail Packet, Navigation, Towing & Salvage Company Incorporated (IMSPNT&SC Inc.) After some thought it was decided it would be best to shorten the name as we'll not be towing or salvaging anything and a name that long just sounds pretentious. In addition we'll save on stationary for official purposes. Inland refers to the area in which the company shall operate. Inland waters consist of freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, ditches, creeks, cricks and ponds. In the days of sail a Packet was a general term for small, well built ship for hauling goods, passengers and primarily mail on a scheduled run. Because one could make a small boat for a trade we highlight the commercial appeal or the small boat. And Navigation Company hopefully gives the impression we know what we're doing and have been doing it longer then we actually have. The IP&NCo. has no experience whatsoever in the building or operation of wooden sailing vessels. Nil. None. Zip, zero ziltch. The closest we get is that Mike has rebuilt a wooden sheep wagon that was featured in the local paper and James was known to be quite the scrapbox builder when young. Therefore we believe we stand an excellent chance of getting it right. The reason we believe this to be true is more commonly called "Beginners Luck". After all, how hard can it be?

James Maxwell-President/Captain

At least once a year, James has the burning desire to go to sea. To jump aboard tall ship from days of old and sail the world. Sadly he lives ten hours away from the nearest ocean and the days of the tall ship are long gone. But he does live an hour away from the largest body of freshwater in North America save for the Great Lakes and is known to belt out a sea shanty when least expected. And the IP&NCo. will be his chance to at long last to smell the sea air, feel the wind in his face, and know what it is like with a full sail and a good ship. Or decently filled sails and an OK ship. Or maybe to be stuck in irons on a really lousy ship. Come to think of it he may experience his ship sinking out from underneath him, feeling all hope is lost and the world hates him. No matter what, it'll be a grand adventure!

Michael Seitz (AKA The Typesetter)-Builder/Friend

Friends don't let friends build poorly constructed boats. With the thoughtful patience and care that our CEO sometimes lacks, Mike has been a stalwart supporter of the IP&NCo. since it's inception. Helping in all phases of the project Mike has proven an invaluable sounding board on all things marine related and more.

Raymond Down-Executive Director/Labor/Roommate

What James lacks for in patience and objectivity, Raymond makes up for it. He has agreed against his better judgment to assist his roommate in pursuing one of his many dreams. As a rather happy bachelor with a whole menagerie of animals Raymond has no desire what so ever to go to sea. Or go to lake. Or any body of water at all. As of the writing his only goal is not to set foot aboard any of the craft he helps build and by doing so survive the whole ordeal.

Mike Maxwell-Chairman/Labor/Dad

For the last three decades Mike has been James' father. The experience has taken it's toll but as always is once again willing to cast off for parts unknown with his progeny. And he has that look that speaks of wisdom, authority and experience. Let's hope some of it involves building cheap wooden boats.

Micheal Irvine-Crew/Nephew

Every boat needs not only a captain, but a crew. Micheal fits the bill. As a teenager he is relatively fit, lacking occasionally in common sense, and game for almost anything his "crazy" uncle James puts him up to. More importantly then this, he can swim and follow directions.

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