Technical Data

Name: S/V Wawona

Class: Harley 8m

Designer: Kristofer J. "Harley" Harlson

Construction: Stitch and Glue

Length: 8' (2.4 Meters)

Beam: 3' ( .9 ) Meters)

Displacement Tonnage: >50lbs (23kg)

Speed: 4kts (7kmh) Under Full Sail

Sail Rig: Fore and Aft Staysail, Jib Foresail 49.1sq ft sail area

Hull: 1/4 Inch (0.6cm) Luan Ply

Propulsion: Single Paddle and/or Sail

Range: Crew Limited

Crew: 1

Passengers: None

Port of Registry: South Lake Union, Washington

Keel Laid: March 2nd, 2010

Launched: 1315MDT, May 23rd, 2010

Current Status: Residing in the Seattle Area

The Inspiration for S/V Wawona

The S/V Wawona is named for one of the largest three masted schooners built in North America. The original Wawona was built in 1897 and carried lumber up and down the west coast, finally ending as a museum ship in Seattle's Lake Union. In March 2009 the Wawona it was decided  she had deteriorated to unsafe levels and she took her last trip to be deconstructed, her fittings saved. Although no longer whole, the spirit of the Wawona will live on in the inland waterways of the Pacific Northwest. For more information visit the North West Seaport web page.

Every fleet needs a flagship and the ASV (Advanced Sailing Vessel) 4600 Class S/V Wawona stands heads above the rest at the head of the IP&NCo. armada. Named after one of the famous lumber schooners that plied the northwest coast,  Wawona was planned from the begining to be the most affordable microsloop in all of Western Montana. 8' (2.4 Meters) from stem to stern the Wawona has enough freeboard for any water you would want to sail her in thanks to her revolutionary hull design. With a calculated hull speed of just under 4kts (7khm) she's perfect for day cruising on a lake or pond. An enclosed bow allows for dry storage. At under 50lbs (23kg) she is easily transported on the roof of a modern sedan and  carried and launched by a single person She carries more canvas then the original plan with the addition of a bowsprit and jib giving the crew more options depending on the conditions and faster speed over the briny blue. Heavy weather modifications include the inclusion of extra stiffening and spray rails. The end result is a boat you can cruise all day in and still carry enough gear to make a campsite for the evening.  Sail the waters of Lake Washington or row the hidden lakes of the Bob Marshall. The Wawona currently acts as our president's private yacht during the three month Montana boating season. And because it can only hold one occupant it is very private indeed. Launched only 82 days from her start the S/V Wawona was included in The Center for Wooden Boats Home Built Weekend July 24th and 25h in Seattle, Washington! It was there she found a new home with the artist in residence of CWB, Saaduuts, who will pass her to her grandchildren. Although no longer part of the fleet her spirit will live on!

Construction Photos and Video

First Day of Construction 3/1/10

Bottom is cut out and lower part of the keelson is in place. Notice the very efficient use of plywood a hallmark of this design.

Video of first zip tie on the hull

Laying the Keel 3/2/10

The keel is laid and in the finest traditions a coin is placed as on offering to the sea.

Progress as of 3/2/10

The sides are in place, as are the rub rails. Now this assorted lumber is beginning to look shipshape!

Progress as of 3/4/10

Transom is in place and you can see the temporary brace holding the sides apart until the frames are installed.

Progress as of 4/12/10

The mast is raised for the first time. In the home stretch now.

Progress as of 5/6/10

The boat is all but complete. There are a few bits to put on and the hull must be painted but she could hit the water in this state and sail. In theory.

Progress as of 5/14/2010

Hull fittings are being finalized. Sail plan set. 75% of the painting is complete. Launch date set and finalized.

Progress as of  0521/10

Adding the air boxes.

At the CWB Home Built Boat Weekend

Wawona and her new owner.

Boat is complete.

 Free Harley 8 plans are available in the documents section of the Duckworks Yahoo Forum

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