Technical Data

Name: S/V Blue Flower (Formally Annas Discors)

Class: Super Teal

Designer: Phil Bolger

Builders: Andrew Linn and Pat P.

Construction: External Chime

Length: 11' 8" (3.5 Meters)

Beam: 3' 8" (1 Meter)

Displacement Poundage:150lbs (68kg)

Speed: 3.5kts (8Km/H) Under Sail

Sail Rig: Gaff Rigged Sloop 57sqft

Main (48sqft) and Jib (9sqft)

(Originally  80sqft (64 main, 16, jib))

Range: Crew and Condition Limited

Crew: 1

Port of Registry: Milltown, Montana

Joined the Fleet: July 16th, 2012

S/V Blue Flower (Na'ví Seze) is the workhorse and flagship of the Inland Packet fleet. At twelve feet long with a classic gaff rig this versatile "Microjammer" is able to enter the  protected waters found in the Inland Northwest while still being portable by one person. With a clipper bow and clean lines the Blue Flower hearkens back to the the great age of sailing ships once so common in the worlds waters.

"She has a bluff bow, lovely lines. She's a fine seabird: weatherly, stiff and fast … very fast, if she's well handled." Jack Aubry

S/V Blue Flower started life as a stock, built to plan, Teal hull. After much intensive work the Super Teal emerged and she eventually made her way to Montana. Below are links in chronological  order of her life in Oregon to Montana. Courtesy of Andrew Linn's excellent blog, The Sleeping Schnauzer.
Building a Toots and Teal
The hull is built.
Launching the Bolger Teal
The Super Teal is launched.
Introducing the Teal
The making of a Super Teal
Relaunching the Teal
With even more modifications!
Introducing Annas Discors
The final version?
Eugene Yacht Club Boat Show
Time for a show!
A new home

Plans for the Teal can be found in the book Instant Boats by H. Payson or purchased from Payson and Co.

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