Looking out the window here at the main IP&NCo. Offices I can see the bottom and keelson of the Sailing Vessel Wawona. She's propped up on sawhorses by the far fence. After years of wanting my own sailing ship, I'm now building it. Three hours of work got a lot done! We've got the side panels cut out, the partial keelson attached to the bottom, I've cut out both the jib and the mainsail and I have all day tomorrow to do work! I have no doubt in my mind that by the end of the week, she'll be complete. Granted with our lovely Western Montana weather it'll be a couple of months before I'm able to get her wet but all in all it'll be a pretty big accomplishment. This is what I'm trying to prove by building this boat. That you can do it too. That even in a recession fun can be had if you look at it right. We here in the western states are blessed with ample marine opportunities and it would be unwise to forsake them. Combine that with time family time well spent and the plywood boat takes on much more value then the $200 you'll put into it. I'll post pictures tomorrow but sadly we're out of light as I write this. But this dream of mine is coming true. And that is a great way to begin March, 2010.