Woke up this morning to snow. Just a drizzle but snow nonetheless. Not that this is any sort of surprise in a state where snow in June isn't worth raising an eyebrow for. But it's turned my head to boat thoughts. On a whim I updated the class name to be very nerdy. For the past week I've been elbow deep in steam traction stuff but am coming about once again to a more nautical tack. (Did you like that, beware I'm just getting started!) The major milestone of building the boat is done. She's built. All seams sealed, everything in it's place. Sure I need to paint it and add some fiddly bits but for all intents and purposes the Sailing Vessel Wawona is done. I've learned a lot on this journey. Like when sanding fiberglass drywall tape wear gloves and long sleeves. Fiberglass splinters hurt. But now I'm left wondering what to do next. Next as in my next boat. Odd isn't it? Wawona was a proof of concept and an act of defiance at those who said I couldn't or wouldn't. Now that that is past I'm looking forward to a slightly more involved project. Don't get me wrong the Harley 8 can be pretty involved. But now I've cast my eyes on bigger waters and you never know just how small you are until you're sitting in a boat made of a single sheet of plywood and imaging what the largest body of freshwater save the Great Lakes would be like. So the options listed in the "Our Fleet" section are not set in stone. The PDR will still get built, but I'm not sold on the OSS yet. I'm beginning a slow list towards a Bolger Teal. It's a double ended sharpie that can be built out of two sheets of ply and then some. It seems that for a second boat it might just fit the bill. The only problem is a Teal is 12-feet long! This may require a trailer although car topping may not be out of the question. There are of course pros and cons with any idea of a new boat. Although in this case I think the pros far outweigh the cons. The Teal might carry two people. It will certainly carry me and overnight gear. I enjoy it's lines. A lot of the fluff that has gone into Wawona has been based on a Teal built by someone with a mind a lot like mine in some respects. And it's easy to build. But it's snowing so any thought of moving forward other then mentally has to be put aside at this time. But I am glad I still have work to do on my Harley.  Because I can look outside to the snow and the drizzle and think that ahead of me I still have work to do and that suits me just fine. It's been a great journey and I'm looking forward to getting down the road some more.