Someone recently made a comment to me that sailing between far flung points on Flathead lake alone might get lonely. And that is exactly the point. To be alone and commune with nature and reflect on the moment at hand. It's just that I happen to be on the water when I do it. On the other side I can find fellowship and community while doing the same thing.
If I told people I was planning on hiking the Bob Marshall or the Appalachian Trail the looks might not be as bad. But I tell them I'm sailing six miles between campground and they think I'm looney. But the concept is the same. It's just a different manner of accomplishing the same goal. When people talk about sailing, the same may be said for boating. The draw is the same and the result can be very beneficial. It can be a form of exercise and is for many rather accessible.
Add on top of that a boat you built with your own two hands and it becomes unique. Going from raw material to finished product and then using that product must be a wonderful experience. The steps to the goal of sailing a home built boat encompass design, carpentry, naval architecture, elbow grease, seamanship and navigation, and imagination. Many who never new they could do some of these skills will find that not only are they within their grasp but that they enjoy it.
These are things I hope to explore over the next few months. And if you're reading this, you might to.