I mentioned in my last post about excessive mast movement. Well today I did something about it! It wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, far from it. It's often been said the necessity is the mother of invention. That may be true but I've discovered that running out of time and power tools will do a great deal towards inventing! Even though my fix worked great I wasn't happy with how it looked. I've continually run into problems with the bow area as my boat is lopsided. The port side is slightly larger then the left. Apparently when constructing a stitch and glue boat you can fix it by banging on the sides with a  mallet before you glue the sides. Well I learned that after I had finished the hull. So I needed a way to cover it. A bulkhead was the answer. Not one of these fancy watertight bulkhead with a deck plate in it but a humble half inch piece of pine. I decided to save time and mock the bulkhead up in cardboard first. What a concept! It helped immensely and with a few fitment issues it went in great. Time marches on and soon the launch will be upon us!