As with all vessels, Wawona came into dry dock following her maiden voyage. I've decided we are simply in sea trials at the moment. There were a few glaring issues that need to be dealt with before I put her back in the water. I'll discuss them in a relative order of importance.
Sideslip, sideslip, sideslip. This is the biggest issue facing the boat right now. It makes upwind sailing a chore and in some circumstances, dangerous. The general consensus following the first round of trials was the leeboard was simply too small for the sail area. She may also be suffering from severe lee helm but I didn't get enough time in the wind to get a true sense of it. The leeboard issue is easy enough, I simply made a bigger one. A full inch wider and several inches longer. It's also thicker and heavier. I hope this will help the slip issue and open up more points of sail. It's fun pretending to be a square rigger but gets boring in a small pond.

Next up is the rudder. While under way the buoyancy of the rudder kept most of it out of the water. I'm also beginning to think the rudder also acts a leeboard in the water so having it all the way down in the water is a must. I looked at how Andrew had his set up, and then the options over at and settled on a bungee cord. With a bit of work I got it set so it will hold it down, or hold it up depending on what is going on.

Hopefully with the tension it'll keep the rudder down when I'm cruising. It's a pretty slick little rig. One thing I noticed was my tiller was way to long. I had to move forward just to use it properly. Well today I fixed that little issue and made a the tiller itself look a bit more nautical.

Following a tutorial designed for wrapping an oar I wrapped my tiller. It's not the neatest or best looking job on the water but I'm pretty proud of it and hope it works!.
Following the rudder/tiller work came the constant job of trying to keep the water out of the boat. It's a wooden boat, it leaks, I get it. But I'm going to try and minimize it best I can. Last night when the boat was upside down I ran PL premium along the keel and added some to the bow. The bow is a weak spot as designed. The gap up front is huge and I had no choice but to duct tape it, and fill the void with PL. When underway it's not a huge issue as the bow rides higher with the weight astern but if the weight is shifted forward  the bow opens up like sieve. The keel itself is pretty sketchy too. I'm not sure how the joint came apart but it did and I had a personal fountain while underway. Not like a dribbling leak, water was shooting a good three inches in the air. The water issue is not enough to threaten the seaworthiness of the Wawona but it does make things wet and annoying. So I gooed up my fingers and attacked the inner seam as best I can. I'll know more when Wawona returns to her element.

Last but not least is my sail and mast set up. I'm not satisfied with the mainsail arrangement and think I can be better. I need to install some more grommets in the sail and find something better then shower curtain rings. It worked but not as well as I had hoped, so I'm switching to something else.
In preparation for the boat show I have ordered an 5lb navy anchor and 50' of nylon rode.

The plan is to have the boat ship shape and properly outfitted by the beginning of July. Which means lights, flares, paddle and safety gear. I know the Coasties patrol Lake Union and I don't want to be in the position of being non compliant..