As you may have seen, the S/V Wawona is getting to ready to launch. And like any project all those little things are all coming at me at once and it's a bit overwhelming at times. The end is in sight but it's so far away! But as someone famously said "You eat a whale one bite at time!" So I've started taking bites. The biggest thing save for the finish right now is the sail set up. So I rigged up the jib with permanent rigging and attempted to stay the mast. It should be noted throughout this build I have needlessly complicated this boat, so why not add stayed masts? It was more trouble then it was worth! At least for the time being. It does look really cool but it's not needed. I may add it for the boat show though! Ah, more news. I applied and was accepted to attend the Center for Wooden Boats Home Built Boat Weekend this July in Seattle, Washington!! It was there I was lucky enough to view the real Wawona before she was deconstructed. I have pictures of that somewhere! So that's pretty big news. But back to the jib rigging. I went traditional on the jib sheets with one running down each side. Then I rethought it and now only have a single jib sheet.

This cleaned up the look of the boat immensely. And while I was doing that, I got rid of the traveling main block and replaced it with a tiller mounted double pivot.  The traveler is what is called for in the plans but it just got in the way. Now I have more mechanical advantage and a sailing position that will work much better for single handing. Which is the only kind of sailing I can do in this boat anyway!

Tomorrow I pick up the final trim, finish and paint and hopefully the decals I had made for the bow and transom. Following the application of said items there isn't a whole lot to do but wait for the launch!
I've also been working on the site. New banners for all the pages and improved content access. I hope you readers enjoy it and find the site easier on the eyes and brain! The launch will be fully documented so keep your eyes on Youtube for a newsreel about it! Again thanks to all who have helped and it's great to see my dream becoming a reality!