With eight days left before I drive out to sunny Seattle I'm making some pretty big modifications to the boat following it's latest round of sea trials. During the trials we capsized the boat repeatedly and the results were rather disappointing. If you go over the boat will simply sink from underneath you. So I'm adding a rear airbox to assist in the recovery process. This is not included in the plans but I figure it can't hurt. The math to get the shape was a bit tricky and the fact he boat has a concave bottom isn't helping anything. But in the end a cardboard template was made and the quarter inch plywood was cut out. As noted in the board pages, Mike and I work well together. Here are some of my favorite qoutes from the afternoon. "The whole boat is made of quarter inch!" "Eh, that's what PL Premium is for." "I could fuss that a bit more. No I won't. Yes I will"  It was a great afternoon. Working on a boat with a friend is always a joy. Here is a shot of of Mike working on the airbox.

While he was working on that I reattached the lower leeboard mounting with four screws and PL Premium. The next time it rips off it won't be as neat. But we're not thinking about that right now. Now sadly I won't be able to install the deck plate before the show but that is the plan to allow access and storage. Following the completion of the box the paint will be touched up and the boat prepared for it's trip. The saga continues!