So I've started referring to S/V Dauntless as a Microsloop. I'm not sure if that's techincaly correct but I like to say I own a sloop abeit a small one. Tonight I've been drinking cocoa, listing to music of the sea, and drawing the fleet. Different textures, fixtures and sail layouts. I stopped at two on Dauntless. I think I've nailed it. She'll carry a bowsprit and Jib forward and some sort of yet to be determined cabin. The colors chosen are those of the former White Star Line. Dark hull, red orange bottom and golden accents. A very businesslike look for such a stately ship if you ask me. She caries white sales are trimmed in black on a 10' mast. That's two feet less then the plan calls for but with the jib I'm hoping to not have any loss in performance. I learned today I will receive a sheet of 4x8 marine grade plywood for my Christmas. I'm quite excited. I plan on starting the build in early February. Sea trials will commence on Frenchtown Pond sometime in June. Only because if something should go wrong, I'd like to not die instantly when I hit the water.