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Down to the Wire

Posted by James Maxwell on Wednesday, July 14, 2010,
With eight days left before I drive out to sunny Seattle I'm making some pretty big modifications to the boat following it's latest round of sea trials. During the trials we capsized the boat repeatedly and the results were rather disappointing. If you go over the boat will simply sink from underneath you. So I'm adding a rear airbox to assist in the recovery process. This is not included in the plans but I figure it can't hurt. The math to get the shape was a bit tricky and the fact he boat ...
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Boat Company Breaks Boat

Posted by James Maxwell on Sunday, July 11, 2010,
Sailing Ship Company Woes
The flagship of the Inland Packet & Navigation Company, a Missoula based builder of cheap plywood boats, the S/V Wawona has returned to the company dry docks following a mishap during it's latest round of sea trials less then two weeks before it is to be featured at a Seattle boat show. "All I can say is a member of the board broke our boat" said CEO and Chief Captain James Maxwell. "So the insurance and labor is negligible" he continued to a rousing chuck...
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Voyages Taken and Yet To Be

Inland Packet & Navigation Company Follow along as the IP&NCo. prepare to set sail on America's great inland bodies of water in a vessel built of a single sheet of plywood.
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