Technical Data

Name: S/V Trudy C.

Class: One Sheet Skiff

Designer: Herb McLeod

Construction: External Chime

Length: 8' (2.4 Meters)

Beam: 28" (0.7 Meters)

Displacement Poundage: 40lbs (14kg)

Speed: 2.5 Knots (4.6 Km/H) Rowing

Sail Rig: 25 sq. ft Boomless Sprit

Range: Fatigue and Condition Limited

Crew: 1

Port of Registry: Mystic, Connecticut

Tender to the S/V Blue Flower the little Trudy C. is a great impulse sailor. Easily cartoppable she's just the right size for small lakes and ponds. Although she's a bit slow to windward this skiff is great fun on a reach or a run.

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