Western Montana Home Built Boat Association

-This is our local and Montana's only group for like minded home boat builders.

Simplicity Boats

-A fine site with many small boat plans designed for the first time boat builder. Sadly some of the links don't work but a Google search will find you what you need.

Buildaboat Blog

-The trials and joys of home-building your very own plywood boat.


-A site for amateur boat builders.

One Sheet Skiff

-Plans for this fine vessel by Herb McLeod.

Free Boat Designs Website

-Just what the name says, a bunch of free boat designs


-If you can build a boat, why not race it? The Puddle Duck Racers are a regulated group of home boat builders who meet all around the globe to race boats they built themselves. Find the plans for the Harley-8 here as well.

Andrew Linn

-A boater of homebuilt and smaller boats with great photo essays.

Contemplator's MIDI Songs of the Sea

-Good resource for those wanting to get started singing sea shanties.

Texas 200

-The final word in small sailboat endurance events.

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