Technical Data

Name: S/V Indomitable Spirit (Sail #1280)

Class: Lido 14

Designer: W.D. Schock

Construction: Fiberglass

Length: 14'  (4.2 Meters)

Beam: 6' (1.8 Meters)

Displacement Poundage: 310lbs (140kg)

Speed: 3.5kts (8Km/H) Under Sail

Sail Rig: Bermuda Rigged Sloop 111sqft

Main (76sqft) and Jib (35sqft)

Range: Crew and Condition Limited

Crew: Up to 4

Port of Registry: West Riverside, Montana

Joined the Fleet: April 7th, 2014
The largest boat in the fleet, Lido #1280 takes pride of place on the larger lakes of the inland northwest. Although her size does limit her from the smaller ponds the ability to carry a large amount of crew or gear makes it ideal for longer sails or introducing new sailors to the hobby. The Lido is also raced in fleets throughout the region and parts are relatively easy to come by.  Some one wanting a first boat and not wanting to build one, the Lido 14 is an excellent first step.

The Lido 14 can be purchased new directly from W.D. Schock

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