Navigate Flathead Lake From One End to the Other-Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater body of water in the United States save for the Great Lakes. 27 miles (43km) by 15 miles (24km)  this massive body of water is a major recreational attraction in Northwestern Montana. We imagine a several day sail from campsite to campsite to complete the journey, Polson to Bigfork. This can be achieved following the Flathead Lake Marine Trail (.pdf file)

Sail on Lake Union-Lake Union, nestled next to Seattle is the spiritual home of th IP&NCo. It was there James Maxwell felt the full pull of the sea. And someday he'd like to sail it. Explore the commercial  and private vessels moored around the perimeter.  *Achieved July 24th, 2010!*

Sail the Columbia River-The Columbia is a large navigable river that runs from the Oregon coast inland. There are several locations where a small boat can venture out for a day sail.

Navigate the Clearwater Canoe Trail-This scenic and winding paddling trail leads to Seeley Lake, one of the many lakes on which our president spend his childhood. Great for watching wildlife of many types.

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